Marketing, storage, mixing and packaging of
chemicals for industrial use

Chemicals product

Constantly have a wide range of products and specialties


Extreme ductility with customers needs thanks to our flexibility


Depot of 20,000 m2 at the exit of the Como Sud highway


Allchital’s quality system complies with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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Chemical products
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We offer products that can satisfy any type of needs. All products marketed and formulated respect current regulations and required standards. Our quality system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


We focus our efforts on the constant availability of high-quality raw materials from European and extra-continental producers, in compliance with current regulations, which ensure the production of fertilizers and disinfectants to protect the crops and machinery used.


We strive to ensure functionality and economic convenience in operation of the procurement volume that is more congenial to manufacturers of chemicals and paints, galvanic treatment and metals, wood, paper. In addition to the supply of acids, bases, degreasers, solvents and alcohols, we support the customer by internalizing part of his production and directly supplying the finished product ready to be marketed.

Cleansing and Cosmetic

In addition to marketing and supplying at the best market conditions through 30+ years of relationships with European producers and far east acids, bases, phosphonates and alcohols, we have developed particular experience in the production of mixtures powders and liquids for third parties, which we produce and pack branded as per customer directives.

Pharmaceutical and Food

We look for selected and approved ingredients and additives together with the customer in order to guarantee the highest level of quality available on the market at the best economic conditions. We guarantee stock availability and immediacy in supply according to customer needs.

Dyeing textile

The geographical location in Como district area, as well as relations with as many important partners throughout the country, make us an integral part of this industry, to which we provide 30+-year expertise and just-in-time supply concerning selected raw materials, additives and auxiliaries on the specific needs of the customer.

Water treatment

We make all our expertise available to the private and public sectors in terms of consultancy on the choice of pH regulators, biocides, floculants, coagulants, disinfectants, foaming agents. As well as flexibility in adapting to any particular supply requirement by the customer’s system.


We place ourselves at the service of plant engineering, maintenance and innovation by supporting customers in the management and protection of companies machinery in all sectors. Qualified technical personnel provide ordinary and extraordinary assistance directly at your place, being able to draw on a wide range of products belonging to our line and that of our partners Chesterton and Setral.


We undertake collaborative relationships only with partners who share our philosophy of respect for the environment and the animal world and in this regard we commercialize raw materials and develop blends together with our customers focused on long-term sustainability.

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