From the very beginning, thanks to the peculiar flexibility of its logistic organisation, Allchital S.p.A sets itself as a trustworthy interlocutor between the wide world of chemistry and the most various national manufacturing realities, which need a capillary service often incompatible with the inner logic of huge chemical corporations. Allchital compensates for these logistic and organisational issues by providing its commercial partners with both heterogeneous and extemporary supplies.
- Organic and inorganic chemistry
- Chemicals, raw materials, intermediates and compounds for industry, ecology, detergency, agricolture and zootechny
- 16.000/sq.m. warehouse next to the “Como Sud” highway exit
- Extreme adaptability to the customer’s requirements thanks to the flexibility of its logistic organization
- Partners in Lombardia, Piemonte, Toscana, Veneto.

Allchital S.p.A, by means of its imposing warehouse, which stores organic
and inorganic chemicals both manufactured in loco and distributed, is able to satisfy constantly, accurately and just in time all the supply demand in Northern Italy, by availing itself of its own logistic organization, or by relying on its partners in Lombardia, Veneto, Piemonte, Toscana. Allchital also supplies chemical products internationally.

Allchital S.p.A steadily stores a very large range of products and specialities, which make this company a valid interlocutor for several industrial fields such as :

Fields of intervention

  • agricultural
  • zootechnic
  • alimentary
  • pharmaceutical
  • textile dying
  • tanning
  • paper making
  • wood processing
  • chemical and plastic
  • building
  • metallurgical
  • galvanic
  • mechanical
  • glass
  • detergency
  • public bodies
  • local communities
  • water and air treatment